Writer's strike


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I've noticed today that Bill Maher is breaking the "writer's strike" by bringing back his show.

His reasoning appeals to those who are left not working because of the actions of the writers.........


Why not cancel the show in solidarity with the writer's? A person can always fabricate a reason to do most anything. If he had cancelled the show or threatened to cancel the show, then what impact would such an action have?

I've managed people over the years and I can tell you with certainty.... there are some things that I will not do. It is not the fact of whether I own anything or not. There are certain actions that a particular "head of the business" might take that I will refuse to be a part of. They can move on without me.

No one listens to the "little man" because most "owners" don't really care about people. They don't. Until someone important takes actions to support the "little people".... I don't see anything changing.

What is your thoughts on such worldly events? I believe we should carry our morality with us in our daily walk. We don't have to "preach" endlessly to others but we can certainly put our morality to work so others can recognize that the "way" we conduct our lives is meaningful to us.
First off if people know that you're a Christian they're going to watch your behavior. They want to see if you're a hypocrite or not. Do you just talk The talk but not really walk to walk.

The next thing is we have the Holy Spirit to guide us and direct us. If we go down the wrong path that Holy Spirit conviction will come upon us.

In the last thing is we want to please our Heavenly Father, we want to do what's right out of our love for him, for what he's done for us. We love him because he first loved us.

Whenever I see discussions about lordship salvation on these forums I don't hear a lot of why Jesus is Lord of our lives. It's because he shows us the way, To live a Godly life. To have good morals and ethics. And most important of all to love each other. I think if we love each other we will fulfill the moral law.
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