Proof of What Modern Bible Translators Have Done to Corrupt Newer Bible Translations

I have no problem with the top modern day English translations of the Bible. For me it's not really an issue as it's so easy today to compare different translations with the of a click of a mouse or use of Bible software. I believe Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to enable us to understand God's word. Don't get me wrong good translations are important but what's more important is the meaning behind them which for me is made clear by the Holy Spirit.

Here's an article that explains it a lot better than I could.

Luke is the only one that details the lineage of Christ through Mary. Which matches the prophecy given to Eve of how "her seed" would crush the serpent.

I've long abandoned the idea that any of the "3" are based upon the other. There is a reason why they are similar and why they are different. Anyone detailing an accurate historical narrative of Christ would say the same things. However, Luke examined a much broader set of witnesses compared to the linear approach of Matthew and Mark.
Yeah, I heard it said Mark wrote his gospel for business people since it was short and to the point.

Luke was written by a guy who collected a series of sayings from all over the place before all the eye witnesses died out. Apparently Marcion was into the gospel of Luke too, since he was trying to "remove the stuff the jews added."

Matthew is hard to look at without understanding there was a copy that a group called the ebionites who did not believe in Jesus' divinity. Which may explain the trinitarian rendition of the baptism formula in the final copy of the Matthew Gospel.

All in all, the best way to approach these texts is to apply the concepts and observe the fruit. As Jesus taught in the gospel, we know false prophecies by their fruit. So where there are variations, just apply the one with the best fruit.
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