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Thought it would be interesting to see what it comes up with.

I tweaked a few things and added one.

  1. Omniscience: God is all-knowing and possesses infinite knowledge.
  2. Omnipotence: God is all-powerful and capable of doing anything.
  3. Omnibenevolence: God is perfectly good and benevolent.
  4. Omnipresence: God is present everywhere simultaneously.
  5. Eternity: God exists outside of time and is eternal.
  6. Immutability: God is unchanging and immutable.
  7. Transcendence: God is beyond and above the material world.
  8. Immanence: God is present and active within the material world.
  9. Creator: God is the creator of the universe and all things.
  10. Sustainer: God sustains and upholds the universe.
  11. Justness: God is perfectly just and fair in all judgments.
  12. Mercy: God is merciful and forgiving.
  13. Compassion: God is compassionate and empathetic.
  14. Wisdom: God possesses infinite wisdom and knowledge.
  15. Love: God is characterized by love and care for creation.
  16. Holiness: God is infinitely special and pure.
  17. Truth: God is the source of ultimate truth and is always honest.
  18. Sovereignty: God is the ultimate ruler and authority.
  19. Grace: God bestows grace and favor upon humanity.
  20. Kindness: God is desiring to be considerate and gentle.
  21. Faithfulness: God is faithful and keeps His promises.
  22. Righteousness: God always acts with and supports moral virtue.
  23. Beauty: God is the source of beauty and aesthetics.
  24. Infinite: God is limitless and without boundaries.
  25. Unity: God is one and indivisible (monotheistic belief).
  26. Mystery: God is beyond full human comprehension.
  27. Providence: God provides for and guides His creation.
  28. Transcendental: God is the ultimate reality and truth.
  29. Ineffability: God's nature cannot be fully expressed in words.
  30. Aseity: God is self-existent and independent of all else.
  31. Impeccable: God is morally flawless and incapable of wrongdoing.
  32. Immaterial: God is not composed of physical matter but exists in a spiritual or non-material form.
  33. Longsuffering: God is patient and slow to anger, giving humanity time to repent.
  34. Infinitude: God's attributes, such as love and knowledge, are limitless.
  35. Multi-personal: In Christian theology, God is believed to exist as a Trinity—Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.
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