Are Mormons Christians?


In one way or another, they deny all of the beliefs that makes one a Christian. They deny that the Word who became flesh was unique in His eternality and coequality with God; instead, they make Him merely one of the spirits of men, gods, and demons that, they claim, existed coequally with God.
The following statements suffice to state the Mormon position.

Man is a spirit clothed with a tabernacle the intelligent part of which was never created or made but existed eternally—man was also in the beginning with God.

He (man) existed before he came to earth: He was with God “in the beginning.” Man’s destiny is divine. Man is an eternal being. He also is “from everlasting to everlasting.”

Jesus Christ is not the father of the spirits who have taken or will take bodies, for He is one of them. He is the son and they are the sons and daughters of Elohim.

We have a succession of gods from Adam down to Christ (his son) and his apostles at least all men, including Jesus Christ, being in the image of his father, and possessing a similar knowledge of good and evil.

If I can pass Brother Joseph, I shall stand a good chance for passing Peter, Jesus and the prophets.

As for the Devil and his fellow spirits, they are brothers to man and also to Jesus and sons and daughters of God in the same sense that we are.

There is no impropriety … in speaking of Jesus Christ as the Elder Brother of the rest of human kind.

This one is hard to believe but actually Mormons teach that Jesus was the natural born child of Adam and Mary.

When the Virgin Mary conceived the child Jesus … he was not begotten by the Holy Ghost. And who is his Father? He is the first of the human family.

Jesus our elder brother, was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the garden of Eden.

The Mormons believe that Jesus was not unique in His birth, boyhood, or manhood.

Jesus Christ, a little babe like all the rest of us, grew to be a man, was filled with a divine substance or fluid, called the Holy Spirit, by which he comprehended and spake the truth. From The Book of Mormon.

The Mormons see no more in the life of Jesus than in any of us. Elder B. H. Roberts, in a footnote to Joseph Smith’s King Follett Discourse, and quoting Sir Oliver Lodge as an authority on the subject, states,

His humanity is to be recognized as real and ordinary—whatever happened to him may happen to any one of us.
The divinity of Jesus, and the divinity of all other noble and stately souls, in so far as they, too, have been influenced by a spark of Deity—can be recognized as manifestations of the Divine.”

The Mormons see no uniqueness in the resurrection of Jesus Christ except in the fact that His resurrection preceded others. It has nothing to do with our salvation or justification. In Key to the Science of Theology, Pratt says,

Every man who is eventually made perfect, raised from the dead, and filled or quickened with a fullness of celestial glory, will become like them (the Father and the Son) in every respect, physically and in intellect, attributes and powers.

The Mormons teach that man is not saved by the redemptive work of Christ or through the shedding of His blood on Calvary.

I would say Mormons are definitely not Christians.
Mormonism claims that it alone offers true salvation to the world. No other church on the face of the earth can tell a man or woman how to be saved other than the Mormon church. This teaching flows from its claim to be the only true church on earth; therefore, "There is no salvation outside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

I would definitely say they teach a false gospel.
i'm sure some are (christian)
...having no idea what they are into

just that their religion is pure evil
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I would say Mormons are definitely not Christians.
"MORMONISM" is definitly NOT CHRISTIAN - just another false CULT.

Individual Mormons, on the other hand, MAY HAVE BEEN Born again of the Holy Spirit by FAITH, and at least in the short term remain in the LDS System, because they haven't gained enough BIBLICAL information to understand how utterly meaningless the LDS Theology is.
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