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- In this thread, I want to compare the different visions in the Bible, the different characters, the different elements, all the details, how it happens, everything!
  • With Jeremiah, we get a fixed plan and natural element!
  • With Isaiah, we get a fixed plan and one character: Yah/weh filling the whole vision!
  • With Ezekiel, we get a moving plan and natural elements!
  • With Daniel, we get a crucial element: Daniel who does everything to get the vision!
  • With Zechariah, we get a moving plan with one character riding a horse and other horses of different colors!
  • With John, we get no plan at all, just a loud voice like a trumpet!
  • What is the most striking vision? Probably the last one because there is nothing to see, just to hear!
  • Thus we can expect anything, we can imagine anything!
  • But it must be extremely important!
-In Jeremiah we get a dialogue between Yah.weh and the prophet!
- And it is about an almond branch!
- Definitely an earthly vision!
- In Isaiah, we see Yah.weh filling the earth and Seraphim with six wings!
- Definitely celestial vision!
- In Ezekiel, we get a whirlwind and a great and brilliant cloud and questions about people who keep rebelling!
- Another earthly vision!
- In Daniel, we get a vision about the future!
- In Zechariah, we get a man riding on a red horse and other horses of different colors!
- In Revelation, it is Yah.weh’s day, there is a loud voice like a trumpet and a message is sent to seven congregations!
-Isaiah 6:1
- Here Isaiah tells about what he sees!
- And he sees Yah.weh sitting on a throne, high and exalted and the train of his robe filled the temple!
- Yah.weh sitting on a throne: it is usual!
- Ram is a masculine given name. In South Asia it is a variant of Rama, and in Hebrew it means high or senior, a biblical name (Ram, son of Hezron), which is also sometimes used as a diminutive form of Avram (a variant of Abraham).
- Wə·niś·śā means To lift, carry, take!
- Wə·šū·lāw means A skirt, a bottom edge
- We may remember that Yah.weh and Jesus are the temple in the New Jerusalem according to Revelation!
- Ezekiel 1:4
- Here Ezekiel tells about what he sees!
- A whirlwind coming from the north!
- A great cloud with fire flashing back and forth!
- And brilliant all around it!
- Thus we get natural elements!
- But the cloud is special: it has fire flashing back and forth!
- And it is brilliant!
- Thus it is quite luminescent!
  • Daniel chapter 2
  • Here it is quite different!
  • King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream!
  • But he doesn’t want to tell his people!
  • And he wants them to tell him the dream and its meaning!
  • Otherwise they will be put to death!
  • They answer that nobody can do that!
  • As a consequence, the king orders them to be killed !
  • When Daniel knows the order, he goes to the king and asks him for time!
  • Daniel informs his companions and asks them to pray for mercy from Yah.weh!
  • And Yah.weh reveals the dream to him!
  • He thanks him!
  • Then he goes to the king and tells him that Yah.weh has revealed to him the dream and its meaning!
- Zechariah 1:8
- He sees a vision in the night!
- he sees a man riding on a red horse that stands among the myrtle trees in the hollow!
- Behind him, there are red, sorrel and white horses!
- Here we get a man riding a horse!
- We get horses of different colors!
- We get myrtle trees!
- Revelation 1:10
- John finds himself on Yah.weh’s day!
- And he hears a loud voice like a trumpet!
- John is the only one who first hears something before seeing anything!


- Yah.weh asks Jeremiah: “What do you see, Jeremiah?”
- Jeremiah answers that he sees a branch of an almond tree!
- So here we get a dialogue between Yah.weh and Jeremiah!
- It indicates they have a strong relationship!
- Imagine that: he sees only one thing: a branch of an almond tree!
- Apparently, there is nothing else!
- Thus he can only concentrate on the branch of the almond tree!
- Does it remind you of something?
- Numbers 17!
- The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram and the 250 men and then the Israelites!
- Yah.weh makes Aaron’s rod bud to put a stop to the murmuring of the Israelites!
- And the rod gets buds and blossoming flowers and ripe almonds!
Isaiah 6:2
- Seraphim stood over him!
- Each of them has six wings!
- They use two wings to cover their faces!
- They use two wings to cover their feet!
- They fly with the two others!
- They have three different uses!
- Wings to cover a part of the body!
- It is strange!
- Wings are usually used to fly!
Ezekiel 1:5
- Here there are questions:
- Why do you want more beatings?
- Why do you keep rebelling?
- Your head has a massive wound!
- Your whole heart is afflicted!
- The two questions show misunderstanding!
- They look like crazy people!
- Massive wound is particularly easy to visualize!
- And an afflicted heart too!
  • Daniel chapter 2
  • The dream is about the future!
  • Yah.weh told him about what is going to happen!
  • It is not because of Daniel’s great wisdom!
  • Only to make the king know!
- Zechariah 1:9
- Zechariah wants to know the meaning!
- So he asks Yah.weh for it!
- An angel is speaking with him!
- The angel will explain to him!
- Revelation 1:11
- John is told to write on a scroll what he sees!
- And he must send it to 7 congregations!
  • Ya.weh tells him he has observed correctly!
  • It’s interesting to read these words because it shows that it is important for Yah.weh!
  • He shows that it is of deep concern!
  • It matters to him!
  • It is extremely important!
  • And he explains why: for I am watching over my word to accomplish it!
  • Every word has its own importance!
  • And think about that: there is only a branch of an almond tree, nothing else!
  • If I speak about a special relationship between Yah.weh and Jeremiah, it is because of the dialogue between them!
  • Yah.weh asks him a precise question and Jeremiah answers!
  • It has nothing to do with the branch of the almond tree!
  • We can have a look at the verses before!
  • In Jeremiah 1:5, Yah.weh tells him that he knew him when he was in his mother’s womb!
  • And before he was born, he set him apart and appointed him a prophet!
  • It reminds us of Samuel!
  • And Jeremiah said he was but a boy!
  • But Yah.weh told him to say what he commanded him to say!
  • And he told him not to be afraid!
  • And he touched his mouth and put his words in Jeremiah’s mouth!
Jeremiah 1:13
  • Yah.weh asks him another time the same question!
  • Jeremiah answers that he sees a boiling pot and it is tilting away from the north!
  • The two visions are quite different!
  • A plant and an object!
  • Something natural and something made by man!
  • And the object is boiling and tilting away from the north that is from Israel!
  • First, Yah.weh tells Jeremiah he is watching!
  • Second, he says directly what is going to happen:
  • Jeremiah 1:14
  • A disaster is coming from the north and it is going to strike all the inhabitants of the land!
In Jeremiah 1:15, because of Yah.weh, kingdoms of the north will attack all the cities of Judah!

Which kingdom destroyed Judah?
Siege of Jerusalem (587 BC) - Wikipedia

the Babylonians
Jerusalem fell after a 30-month siege, following which the Babylonians systematically destroyed the city and the First Temple. The Kingdom of Judah was dissolved and many of its inhabitants were exiled to Babylon.

Siege of Jerusalem (587 BC) - Wikipedia

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