The holy fire. A miracle repeated every year, yet few outside orthodox circles have even heard of it!


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Over the course of the next few weeks, I will present evidence of many modern day miracles.
Rather than indundate people with details, I will give the essence of them and references to allow interested readers to research them.

One of the oldest documented miracles concerns the empty tomb of Jesus and the time of the resurrection.

The tomb itself has a turbulent history, although always local people remembered where it was
Emperor Hadrian tried to obliterate it, by burying it under a Roman temple.
It was uncovered in the fourth century by Helena wife of constantine and became a Christian temple again.
The various muslim regimes, tolerated it, obliterated it, then crusades reinstated it became a christian temple again!
But always the place was known.

And now it lies in a small building "the edicule" inside the holy sepulcher of Jerusalem.
For a detailed history study the book Skaliardis "holy fire"

Records going back well over 1000 years describe the "blue light" and candles illuminated with other physical manifestations

The basic form of the miracle is a blue light that appears bathing the rock at the orthodox time of resurrection on holy saturday (western calendars have changed, but the orthodox remain with the ancient calendars).
An orthodox patriarch prays. The light comes and lights an oil lamp in the edicule. That light is passed from the patriarch to his candles , then passed one to another in a wave to all others gathered in the sepulchre. And from there some take it home.

It is sometimes described with noises, static electricity , some times accompanied by small flashes of lightning
The form of the ritual has changed. 1000 years ago, the patriarch waited outside the sealed edicule until the light appeared, and the internal candle was lit. Now the patriarch enters the edicule and comes out with lit candles.

It sounds fanciful until you consider

1/ the searches done to prevent fraud.
In recent times the tomb is searched in the days before to ensure all means of illumination like matches are absent by secular and moslem authorities and israeli police and then wax sealed to prevent entry. The patriarch is only allowed to wear simple vestment and he too is searched before entering. Then he comes out with the candles ablaze.

2/ what sets it apart is first the anecdotal evidence that is a "cold fire" passed from candle to candle . Candles lit from it do not burn or scorch people for the first 10 minutes or so until they revert to normal fire.

3/ three times there have been scientific investigations. Whilst the interior of the edicule and origin of fire *fanti calls HF1 cannot easily be researched- the fire passing between candles HF2 can and that is the source of experiments..
It is a very crowded space, very hard to get permissions, few are allowed to enter, and no bulk equipment, but for all that basic pyrometers and other equipment.
But volkov 2012 noted measurable electric discharges, and concluded it was cold plasma not fire. Prof Giulio Fanti, associated with shroud research, confirmed this in 2019 by comparing a candle flame side by side with a candle lit by holy fire. They are different physically.
Salama and Abumane in 2023 did further experiments on the flames produced.

4/ The Conclusion is the fires lit by the edicule are what are called "cold plasma". That is there is complete separation of electrons from the atom nucleus, but the nuclei stay cold until gradually heated by the burning wick later. Which is why it feels "cold" . The plasma explains both the blue light and the electrostatic anomalies.

That is how Fanti who was present in 2019 was able 1. To take a picture of himself bathe his face in the flame but his beard did not scorch! and 2/ Showed that where ordinary fire scorches linen the holy fire barely shades it.

5/ A similar effect of blue light was once recorded in a stone column just outside the edicule which has a big crack to show for it. Tests on that column show low tempertature not high temperature burning residues.

6/ Fanti is convinced that the holy fire combined with body urea is the origin of the inexplicable mark on the shroud of turin, he calls "divine photography"

So sources worth reading

a/ Skaliardis in his book on the history of the holy fire.
b/ Fanti in his book with siefker on "holy fire and divine photography" goes into detail about plasma, fire etc etc. And his experiments. Also his hypthosesis for the shroud mark.

You can also find a precis on the web by fanti, supporting also his conjecture about the origin of the shroud mark.

Food for thought? Evidence of the resurrection! You decide.

Why isnt it better known?
Perhaps because it is so hard to get to see it , so many want to be there, and so few can.. Jerusalem is also very security conscious.
The roman pontiff in the ongoing medieval spat with the orthodox also declared his scepticism of it . Which has meant even catholics know little about it. But even moslems take the fire home!
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