Super Bowl Pick

I’m not a football fan but I always watch the game for the commercials. If I was going to place a bet I would most likely go with the Kansas City Chiefs.
I live in the Bay Area in California so I want the 49ers to win but there is no counting the chiefs out until there is no time left on the clock.
My brother called the 49ers-chiefs rematch in Super Bowl 58 "49ers Revenge." I like the sound of that and would like to see Brock and the team win this game.
I'm not too 'crazy' about Mahomes but overall, the Kansas City team has an almost spotless reputation and would cheer a Chiefs dynasty with a win and give coach Reed another ring.
But I also hoped for a 49er win over the Eagles two years ago except for Brock's injured passing arm in at the start of that Championship game which I think the 49ers were the better team to win.
Are you going to watch the game?
Yes, Lord willing.
I will be watching it with my brother @civic at his house tomorrow.
What? And you're not going to invite me?
Well, enjoy the game and remember me next year. :)
I played High School Football and couldn't stand it. I kept asking myself the question when is the fun going to begin. Being smashed into the solid rock ground that was frozen with snow I kept looking for the joy. Couldn't find it. I was lied about it too. Friends wanted me to join the team saying I was a pretty big and tall well built guy and would plow through the opposition. They didn't tell me the other guys on the other team were just as big and even bigger and would have something to say about that. Played one year and then back to the Chess Club. :)
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