seattle and san francisco


seattle and san francisco use to be my favorite places to travel.... . but i have not been to either one in several years... and friends told me to not even bother with them now.... just to keep the pleasant memories of previous trips in my head and to avoid seeing what has become of them...... ...which is fine by me anyway... i don;t enjoy flying and it;s a 5 hour flight minimum over the ocean to get to either one... ..i went to brazil once on a trip with my sister ..and had to be medicated into near zombie-ness to survive it....🧟‍♀️
I was born in SF lived in the Bay Area until 1998. It’s sad to see what the city is like now. I only go near there when I’m fishing.
Ireland was my favorite place I’ve been to and second is Kauai.
i;ve only been to kauai a few times... .. mostly to the southern and westward part of it where barking sands is.. and also to the southern part of waimea and into the canyon... ....i never went hunting there but that was what we had in mind originally....;s on the back burner now....

we make kalua pork and cabbage at home... (kalua pig-n-cabbage :giggle:).... usually out of pork from pigs we hunted ourselves.... and have tried it from other restaurants like L&L and etc.. . and wasn;t very impressed with them.... . but the best kalua pork and cabbage i ever had was from the L&L barbecue in waimea town - on the south tip of kauai just south of the canyon..... .... ..the next time i go back there it will be the first place i go to and the last one i visit again before i come back home.... .. it was amazing....:cool:
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