Isaiah & Evolving Church Doctrine


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I'm not sure what thread to put this in. (Frankly, there are so many lounges in this forum it becomes bewildering.) Anyway, I wanted to discuss some thought in my devotional reading today of Isaiah 26 & 27 (CJB).


I just love this song by Def Leppard. Anytime I can possible invoke it under even the most tenuous scenarios, I tend to do so.

"It's better to burn out than fade away" connects in my mind to Jude 3, contend for the faith.

"Gonna start a fire" is analogous to burning by the Spirit of God.

"Rise up. Gather round. Rock this place to the ground" Can only be referring to the resurrection of our lord by his God. "Gather round" clearly means church. And worship is "rock this place to the ground." It is not some kind of intellectual dissertation. But passionate display of the Spirit.

"I don't care if it takes all night" is a reference to the need for us to persevere against whatever obstacles there are, setbacks, betrayals, disappointment. Nothing great is ever achieved without persistence. "Gonna set this town alight" is the light that shines in us through Christ.

"Rock of Ages, still rollin" is a reference to Isaiah 26:4
Trust in Adonai forever,
because in Yah Adonai,
is a Rock of Ages.”

The foundation of all is YWHW. He is "the Rock of Ages." What a beautifully poetic expression!

"We got the power. We got the glory. Just say you need it." Wow! What a powerful evangelistic statement! "And if you need it, Say yeah" means take accept Christ as your lord and savior ... There may be a wee bit of eisegesis in the above but it's a great way to begin to delve into Isaiah 26 & 27.


v 7, "you smooth the path for the righteous"is a common Biblical motif. But v 13 is where the fun begins
Adonai our God, other lords
besides you have ruled us,
but only you do we invoke
by name.

When did Christians reject this verse and stop invoking YHWH (Adonai) by name?

v14 states "the dead will not rise again." This goes against todays doctrine of Judgement Day, right? Exploring in much more detail such things is the controversial Why Christanity Must Change or Die by Bishop John Shelby Spong. In his book he states some evolution of doctrine is embarrassing, based on the actual text of Scripture. Perhaps we can put this in perspective by being blessed by evolving revelation?


Isaiah 27:9 talks about chopping up alter stones, sacred poles and sun pillars. So, I'd like to end with the fact that YHWH, being a jealous God, prohibits religious freedom. I look forward to your positive contributions to this thread.
Well, if the dead don't rise, it is death forever, right?

Depends on what you mean by "rise."

1. You could mean literally change altitude, this seems overly wooden.

2. You could mean come back to "life," that is become what is defined as alive again.

3. You could mean rise as in "be exalted" or "lifted to a state of glory."

Clearly Isaiah thought dead people still existed in torment in Isaiah 66.

Therefore, it is not necessary that he somehow though dead people would not be judged someday.
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