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This is not to discuss your family ancestors, or events, or persons in your family history, but to ask in years how far back can you go, such as 1800s or 1500s, or even 1200s.

I'm interested in the years, or the number of years as stated above.

In thinking about God and this "so-great salvation" and His Covenants, I believe God has put a suggestion in my mind that may not have ever been considered, or at least, I've never heard of what this suggestion the Lord brought to my mind has ever been brought forth as a doctrine or possible doctrine.

At any rate, this has been in the back of my mind for the past month and wanted to get an idea as to its validity before I post on it to have it tested. But my conclusions this question in my mind leads me to believe makes perfect sense to me and the things I already know of the things of God.
I'm about to rock the Gentile Church world and you want to haha me?
That's OK. In 50 years when they discuss this idea with themselves, they'll find it originated here at Berean and y'all will be part of history. Then you can say, "I know the guy that came up with this."
Early bird catches the worm, or in biblical language, the serpent.
Did the 23 and me earlier this year.

I have a few items that are below 2%.

Genealogically, each parent brings 50%.

So from each parent....
50 %
Parent 1930's
25 %
Grandparents 1910's
12.5 %
Great Grandparents 1870s-90's
6.25 %
Great great Grandparents 1840's
3.125 %
Great, great great Grandparents 1820's.
1.5675 %
Great great great great Grandparents.
No idea....
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