Andy Stanley’s departure from Biblical Christianity


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The train is leaving the station​

It’s not like we have not seen this coming. Andy Stanley is set to host the “Unconditional Conference” at a campus of North Point Community Church in coming days and the website for the conference bills it as a “two-day premier event” especially designed for parents of LGBTQ+ children and ministry leaders. “You will be equipped, refreshed, and inspired as you hear from leading communicators on topics that speak to your heart, soul, and mind,” it promises. One statement stands out in the description: “No matter what theological stance you hold, we invite you to listen, reflect, and learn as we approach this topic from the quieter middle space.”

Andy Stanley has left the train station. Sadly, he has an undue influence in my church leadership.
I've noticed sometimes church leadership are highly interested in the number of attendees. Fill those pews up. Especially today with mega churches. So I could understand how church leaders would be quick to jump on the newest trend.
How is this much different from Warren and Saddleback Church and chrislam?
I know like 10 years or so ago they were all over Rick Warren and mega churches. I read up on it then but I can't really remember what the problem was. But that seems to have died out. Guess I'll have to take a quick look.

And I've never heard of "chrislam" But I can kind of guess what that was about.

Yes pretty much what I thought it would be.

Okay now I remember about Rick Warren this was horrendous.

At the 2008 Obama inauguration, Rick Warren was asked to give the invocation. He prayed the following to end his prayer–

“I humbly ask this in the name of the one who changed my life, Yeshua, Isa, Jesús, Jesus…”
Warren prayed in the name of Isa.

He prayed in the name of a false god which a billion and a half Muslims believe will return to kill Christians, break the cross and stamp out Christianity. Warren may as well have said “I pray in the name of Baal”.

The inauguration was watched by 37.7 million Americans and many more millions around the world. What an opportunity Warren had! How he wasted it giving glory to satan instead of Christ!
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