LENR, Weather Weapons and the End Times


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Only a hundred years ago, the average student of biblical prophecy had no idea about computers, internet, super sonic aircraft, rocket missiles, instant worldwide communication, etc. Their assumption of what the world would be like at the time of the Day of the Lord could not even have been imagined. Technologies would be introduced and adopted at a breathtaking pace. That should be a lesson to us all.

Even now, many extrapolate the current state of modern life to make assumptions about how prophecies will be fulfilled. But if the past is any indication, technological change might still have some more surprises in store. Most are not even aware of what's currently going on.

The evidence of recent disasters not being entirely "natural" is still viewed by most as too difficult to accept. Even though there are many published patents that exist and confirmations by public officials.

The ongoing work in what is now termed LENR (low energy nuclear reactions) is promising to change the very core of world economies. And yet, most people have no idea that it even exists.

If both of these technologies become main stream, how would that change the way we understand the world to be in a few short years?

Learn How LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) Can Power the Future

Weather weapons, cold fusion energy and globalist enslavement of humanity

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